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​​KDNA to organize protest meeting in support of Karipur Airport
August 29, 2016, 5:33 pm

KDNA (Kozhikode District NRI Association Kuwait) is organizing a campaign called ‘Bring Back Karipur Airport’ on 15  September 2016 at Calicut City Traffic Police Station at 4pm in coordination with Malabar Development Forum and UAE Kozhikode District Pravasi Association. In connection with this, KDNA urges all the passengers who travel in and from Karipur Airport on 15 September to wear a black badge in protest against the ill-treatment of Karipur Airport.

In addition, there will be a formal meeting where organization leaders can express their concerns on this issue.  KDNA will coordinate with all likeminded associations to bring back the glory of Karipur airport and make sure its neglect is not allowed to continue.

The Calicut international airport (Karipur airport) has been a major success in the domain of Indian Aviation since its operation by facilitating air travel for large groups of people all over the world especially to Middle East countries.  It has operated extremely well and efficiently, flying many from various Malabar areas of Kerala, which constitutes large chunk of expatriate’s labor in the ME to all over the world. It is also one of the most profitable airports in India considering its limitations.

Moreover, it has positively impacted the growth of the land by giving businesses the mean to develop in and around the airport, vastly improving the lives of people there. The historical bond between Malabar region and Arab world connected by air travel should be given due consideration.

Recently, the airport has been going through a very difficult phase. Attributing the reason to runway expansion, the bigger flights by emirates and other airlines have been stopped by the authorities, which has stalled its growth. Though the expansion of the runway almost completed, the continuous halting of these big flights is adversely affecting the airport and is unjustified.

As these flights were in operation for a long time, their reinstatement after the expansion is essential. But it is made common knowledge that authorities will not allow the bigger flights to restart their operation.

This is plot against the airport. The passengers from this area who heavily depend on this airport are forced to visit other airports and travel via other airlines. The other airlines find it difficult to accommodate the number of passengers as the number requires a bigger flights.

Also, it has paved for an exorbitant and unjustified fare hike by the current airlines including the national carrier Air India, who are operating in Calicut. This is exploitation of the passengers desire to seek opportunities and denies them of their dream to travel by their own home town airport.

The unjustifiable business interests of other airports and authorities’ support of their greed are believed to be the main reasons for jeopardizing the development and growth of Karipur airport.  This is adding to the problems of the passengers’ and people of the backward four districts of Malabar area, who are heavily dependent on this airport. This airport was a culmination of the hard work and visionary leadership of the state’s leaders and laymen, who wanted to safeguard the future of expatriates going abroad, especially to Middle East and Gulf countries.

KDNA being a responsible association has been attending to many issues relevant to the region, and has been in forefront of many humanitarian and charity activities. It feels that it is its responsibility to address and protest against this mistreatment of Karipur Airport. It requests the support of all in this noble cause and hopes to bring back the glory days of the Calicut airport.

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