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ICSK Faculty felicitated for splendid results in Classes X & XII Board Examination
June 11, 2018, 2:49 pm

The Management of the Indian Community School, Kuwait organised a grand felicitation function on 2 June, to honour the teachers of classes X & XII for the excellent results achieved by the school in the CBSE Board Examination. The program was conducted to appreciate the hard work put in by the Principals, Vice-Principals and teachers of classes X & XII, in achieving the target of no failures and a record number of distinctions in Kuwait. The staff was presented a cash award and a letter of appreciation for their sincere efforts.

The occasion was graced by the presence of the Honorary Chairman to the Board of Trustees Mr.Shaikh Abdul Rahman, Honorary Vice-Chairman to the Board of Trustees Vinukumar Nair, Honorary Secretary Mr.Azharuddin Amer Mohammed, Honorary Jt. Secretary Agnello Antonio Sebastio Fernandes, Senior Administrator & Principal of ICSK Senior Dr. V. Binumon, Principal, ICSK Amman – Rajesh Nair, Principal ICSK Khaitan- K. Gangadhar Shirsath, Principal, ICSK Junior- Mrs. Sherly Dennis, Vice Principals & teachers of classes X & XII from the different branches of ICSK.

Dr. V.Binumon ardently welcomed the gathering and appreciated the teachers for the result whilst reminding them that the task of a teacher or guru is to dispel the darkness of ignorance from a pupil’s life. He appreciated the support of the entire management at every step. He also set the target of 100% distinctions for the coming year.

Shaikh Abdul Rahman, honorary chairman to the Board of Trustees who chaired the meeting, expressed great pride at the success of ICSK students in the CBSE board examinations and congratulated the teachers for the path breaking result. He ensured that the management would always support the staff and is always open to any feedback from them. Describing the result as incredible and unparalleled in Kuwait, he said that it is a dream which has come true for him. He also expressed faith in the continued success by the team of teachers at the ICSK naming them the best in Kuwait.

In their felicitation speeches Rajesh Nair, K. Gangadhar Shirsath & Mrs. Sherly Dennis appreciated and congratulated the tireless efforts by the teachers and lauded the spirit of teamwork exhibited by them. They stressed that this good result is the product of hard work of the students, planning and support of the management and the guidance of the teachers.

The teachers from the different branches of ICSK, expressed their gratitude for honouring the teachers, towards the management, Principals, Vice-Principals & the team of teachers and also applauded the management for their support at every step.

The Vice-Principal of Khaitan Branch, Ravi Ayanoli, in his vote of thanks expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the management and the sincerest congratulations to the teachers for their spirited commitment & dedication.

The meeting concluded with reiterating a sense of pride that each member of the ICSK family had. They also expressed hope that the result would be better in the coming year.


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