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ICSA celebrates 12 great years
March 4, 2014, 1:37 pm

International Institute of Computer Science & Administration (ICSA), organized a special day to commemorate its foundation. It has been 12 years since its formation that ICSA has grown to be a pioneer in IT & Management Education for all sections of Kuwait society.

The institute provides quality education and first-rate facilities for students to learn and excel in their chosen course. The celebratory event was held on 23 January 2014, and was well-attended by guests, ICSA students and a distinguished set of judges. The hosts, Ms. Kathy welcomed the gathering and gave introductory speeches. A brief outline was provided of the fun activities that had been planned to liven the mood and get students involved in friendly competition. 

After the prayer, Mr. Aamir Muhammad Farooq spoke some inspiring words, encouraging each of his students to chase their dreams. He spoke about the significance of the day that commemorated 12 successful years of the institute.

The festivities began with a ‘Brainstorming’ contest, where questions from the institute’s curriculum were posed to the audience. The smart students who answered correctly were rewarded with prizes. A ‘Typing’ competition was also underway with eager participants working hard for fantastic prizes. 

Meanwhile, the judges had a chance to look over the amazing arrangement of food entered for the ‘Pinoy Food Night Contest’. With their ingenuity and creativity, the participants created attractive and delicious cuisine, incorporating healthy ingredients and an innovative cooking style inspired by their heritage. 

As the crowd looked on, the judges tasted a little, and marveled at the exceptional taste of the various Filipino, Arab and Indian dishes.  Winners in each category were selected based on pre-determined parameters, such as taste, appearance, creativity, and health quality of the food.  It was a tough battle judging the wonderful culinary creations, and the judges had differing opinions on the one that was the best.

The top three winners of the ‘Typing contest’ won free courses from the institute along with gifts. Ms. Nelyn Genon Abines, first place winner of the Typing Master Competition gratefully accepted her amazing prize.

The winners expressed their joy at the prospect of developing themselves and thanked the institute for the opportunity. Ms. Lyza took a moment to talk about the new courses being offered on Public Speaking and Confidence Building, and motivated the students to think about personal development and to fulfill their own aspirations.

Mr. Farooq congratulated the winners, and thanked the judges for their participation, by presenting them each with a small token of gratitude and an award of appreciation. The grand finale was the announcement of the winners of the ‘Pinoy Food Night’ contest. 

Ms. Carelyn Orquial Badayos (1st & 2nd Place Winner) and Ms. Edelweiss A. Ortega (3rd Place Winner) were both elated that their cooking skills received such high appreciation. Applause rang out from the audience as the delighted students collected the prizes. The night ended with everyone relishing the fantastic feast of diverse culinary flavors as well as the good company.

- Christina Pinto, Times Kuwait report

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