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Harsh penalties to hit violators under new fire-fighting law
November 10, 2018, 4:24 pm

Under the recently introduced fire-fighting law, harsher penalties will be enforced on those who have found to have violated safety and protection regulations such as fine of KD 10,000 if the violation has caused an accident and property loss, said Deputy Director General for Protection Section in the Firefighting General Department Major General Khalid Abdullah Fahad. Fahad stressed that harsher penalties are necessary because fire incidents affect people’s lives and properties. He stated that the previous law stipulated a maximum fine of KD 500, which is paid by the violator only after the issuance of the verdict years later. He affirmed the Protection Sector plays a vital role in holding violators accountable according to the law.

He noted the weakness of the penalty system combined with a lackadaisical attitude towards safety and security regulations could be some of the causes of huge fires and losses in Kuwait. He also stressed the need to license the buildings in Dajeej and provide them with fire-fighting equipment considering this is a vital area where many governmental buildings, markets, stores and carpet showrooms are located. He added the new system includes linking the issuance or renewal of license with fire insurance, as well as the establishment of fire safety and protection offices.

On the other hand, sources revealed the practice of registering real estate properties under the names of dead people or their many heirs is an obstacle for the department in terms of registering violations, especially since some owners of real estate depend on agents who do not disclose irregularities in the buildings, which may later invite huge fines and a travel ban.

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