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Fun Galore, Prizes Galore – IES Winter Carnival
January 27, 2014, 3:17 pm
Filled to the brim with merriment, fun, laughter and entertainment, IES Winter Carnival sparked off in the Indian Educational School premises on 24thJanuary 2014. The premises were abuzz and agog with merrymakers who added festivity and splendor to the enthralling event.
The fantabulous fete was declared open by Mr. N. K. Ramachandran Menon, the Chairman of Bhavans Middle East at 10 a.m. and the magnificent mélange of jollity, dance, games and magic began to unfold in many hues and many shades.
Exhilaration ran high as the multitude swarmed to the school premises to experience a day well spent amidst fun,frolic and amity.The student volunteers welcomed the visitors with warmth and affability. Variety of game stalls had been put up with lines on attractive posters. There were many interesting, fun-packed games for all ages and groups. The visitors thronged the stalls to play a slew of games such as ‘kill the rat’, ‘hat me’,’ coconut shy’, and many more. Exuberance and excitement were in the air. Blast of joy swayed and swept the children on the swirling, twirling slides and rides as they dipped hurled and bounced on the bouncy rides.A little paint, color and imagination transformed the sweet cute faces of the kids who thronged to the face painting stall and many butterflies, Spider men and flowers walked out of the stall. Magic Show, White Elephant and Bingo kept the crowd on their toes.Faces of children were lit with delight as they grabbed toys, books, electronic keyboards and even digital cameras for a song from the White Elephant stall. Another attraction of the day, the DJ kiosk near the entrance was swarmed with music maniacs to dedicate their favorite tunes to their beloved ones.
Countless mouth-watering delicacies were displayed at the food court. Piquant savories to sweets from Arab, Chinese and Indian cuisines were indeed a gourmet’s delight. The crowd was delighted to savour the homely, nutritious, healthy and tasty delicacies prepared and served at the food counters. A grand Cultural Gala was the icing on the cake. Gifted Bhavanites flaunted their flairs in various cultural shows and captivated the packed audience in the auditorium. Sweet babies charmed the mass with their innocence and cuteness at the Baby Show. Instrumental Music was one of the much-admired events at the auditorium. Fashion Show and solo dance performances also entranced and filled the spectators with awe and astonishment.
The electrifying events of the day came to an end when everyone waited with bated breath for the raffle ticket draw. The exciting prizes of the raffle draw ranged from LED televisions, Music Systems, Apple Products and Microwave Ovens. The Chairman of the institution Mr N.K Ramachandran Menon and Principal, Mr T Premkumar announced the names of the numerous lucky ones who walked away with fabulous prizes. The Principal expressed his gratefulness to the backers and sponsors of IES Winter Carnival 2014.
At Bhavans, Carnival is not just a merry-go-round of mirth and entertainment. It is an event when teachers, children and parents meet, talk and exchange pleasantries. Carnival is a venue where they celebrate the spirit of oneness that is unique to Bhavan. The merriment began to vanish after the raffle draw as the crowd walked away from the school premises with their hearts full of content and joy yet with a dab of despair that they must wait for another whole year to witness such a splendid carnival with fantabulous prizes and numerous exciting events.
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