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‘From Garbage to Garden’ – awareness in SIS
June 15, 2017, 4:04 pm

‘Dissipate not, turn it into manure instead’ has seen its awareness in Smart Indian School (SIS) on 11 June among the students of Classes 5 to 8 under the dedicated and nature loving personalities – Kamal Jain, a teacher and  volunteer of ‘The Art of Living Foundation’, Shalini Udhani Bajaj, Student Counselor of Salmiya Indian Model School and Mr. Gopal, Chartered Accountant of NBK Bank, who himself is an ardent practitioner of Kitchen Composting for over a decade.

The induction of the session through the persuasive art of storytelling held the students’ attention to the level of internalizing the things they learnt. The demonstration on the destruction of the flora and its aftermath was carried out in the form of a tableau, leading the audience to end the part with applause and appreciation. It was followed with an interactive session answered by the eminent speaker and a person who showed strong penchant for Kitchen Garden: Mr. Gopal. Queries from students kept the session lively and engrossing.

The importance of bringing up organic plants with the focus of reducing waste and benefiting the environment and ourselves had been the subject of the day with the hands-on experience administered by Mr. Gopal. The event was graced by the Principal, Vice-Principal, KG Supervisor and the teaching faculty. The Principal concluded with a note of thanks on the time spared and on the message sponsored by the guests through the memorable presentation.

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