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‘Feel at home’ with Philippine Airlines, a personal glimpse
March 26, 2017, 11:10 am

Flying with flag carrier of your country may raise issues of doubts if it can really deliver the service as competitively as other international flights available in Kuwait. It took 12 hours to convince me to say that I’m indeed really at home.

As a frequent traveler, one often compares different airlines with regards to the level of comfort, food, prices and services provided by the cabin crew and pilot that man the aircraft. To be honest, with two carriers that bear the Philippine quality of service, there are not many choices.
Unless, of course, you decide to travel with other international airlines available and bear the high ticket prices. The Philippine Airlines, having maintained its integrity with regards to promptness with flights and service from the ground staff to onboard, earned the respect and support of many Filipinos and foreign travelers in the region.

On board the flight PR 669 bound to Manila on the 7 March via Abu Dhabi, I can’t help but notice the cabin’s simple yet clean set up. All cabin crew lined up at the entrance of the aircraft with the intention to flash those distinct Filipino smiles to welcome passengers. The flight did not take that long to Abu Dhabi and I boarded the connecting flight on time as indicated in the flight itinerary schedule.

A new set of cabin crew took over and proceeded to fly to Manila. While onboard, I noticed that each cabin crew was attentive to passengers, constantly asking them if they needed anything. The airline anticipating Filipinos’ passion for food served simple snacks to begin with from that everyone’s favorite ‘Sky Flakes’, mixed nuts and banana muffins, the idea of commonality with what the airline serve is something one can appreciate.  To add, classic Adobo, Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet with fresh fruits and salads are added items to complete the meals. “I am not an avid fan of Filipino dishes but today I tried one onboard and asked for another serving. It’s delicious,” commented Abdulrahim Abdullah, a Kuwaiti flying to Manila.

Not every airline would even provide you with travel kit, yet Philippine Airlines made this available onboard for everyone regardless of seat preferences. Blankets and chargers are also available. And for entertainment, passengers can use the onboard Wi-Fi, and IPods are available upon request.

As we approached Manila, breakfast was served onboard and each passenger was given the forms needed at the airport. I thought they would run out since it has been the case on most international airlines, but this time I was wrong. To everyone’s surprise, each passenger was given a chip for the available mobile and with loads so they can call families upon arrival. These details that anticipate your needs makes you think twice of choosing to fly on other airlines that are congested and suffer delayed flight schedules.

Promptness with flight schedule, food and other amenities onboard were just added plus factors that make Philippine Airlines incomparable. It is ahead of the other airlines as it is able to carry out that Filipino warmth of hospitality that says attention, care, passion to serve and familial atmosphere that makes you say ‘Im home’. I extend my gratitude to this set of cabin crew; Stephen Tapangan, Susan Castillo, Fatima Rose, Antoniette Paguntalan, Marissa Soques and Red Valero for making that flight memorable and for sharing that Filipino spirit onboard to each passenger.

- Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer


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