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Federal Foreign Minister Steinmeier at the end of the fasting month of Ramadan
July 4, 2016, 2:25 pm

At the end of Ramadan I would like to wish all people of the Muslim faith a blessed Festival of the Breaking of the Fast, a blessed Eid Fitr.

This month of fasting is a special time for the Muslim community throughout the world. Even more importance than usual is placed on solidarity, respect for all people and help for the weaker members of society. Ramadan stands for reconciliation and an understanding that transcends all borders. The message for all of us is that only when we approach one another with openness, communicate and work closely together can we overcome the crises and con-flicts in the world.

Ramadan is a month of interaction. In many places people of different faiths gather for the daily meal to break the fast – also, increasingly, in Germany. However, not everyone has the oppor-tunity to celebrate the festival as they would choose: violence and war are forcing many people to flee their homes and embark on an uncertain journey which all too often requires them to risk their lives. Our thoughts are with these people particularly at this time.

We should therefore all take the end of the month of fasting as an opportunity to work together to promote peace and tolerance. I wish you and your families a blessed festival.

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