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Expats convenient scapegoats for problems
September 17, 2017, 8:25 am

Any society witnessing crisis usually looks for a scapegoat; while the public often expresses sentiments over the practice of holding expatriates accountable for problems and this feeling proves the inability of societies to address their problems quoting Constitutional expert Dr. Mohamed Al-Feeli.

Al-Feeli agrees with the chairman of Kuwait Society for Human Rights on suspicion of violating international laws in some lawsuits such as the demand to impose tax on the remittances of expatriates and depriving them of the right to resort to the court in order to appeal against administrative deportation decisions.

He explained that preventing expatriates to appeal before the court regarding administrative deportation puts the nation in a situation of depriving foreigners of the right to litigation. He asserted Kuwait is bound by the International Convention on the right of litigation before the competent authorities.

He went to say that regarding the issue of deportation as part of the authority of the administrative body, instead of the courts, could be a violation of international laws. He added the international agreements oblige the country to provide primary health care to expatriates as this is part of their right to life, and this care can be in the form of money paid through health insurance associated with the residency of foreigners.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of the Municipal Council Yousif Al-Saqaabi has announced postponement of committees’ and main meetings, as well as suspension of agendas, until matters are settled in the council.

Speaking to the daily, Al-Saqaabi revealed that the transactions and proposals of committees have been suspended and transferred to the temporary committee. He affirmed the resignation of six council members will be approved on October 13 and a letter in this regard will be forwarded to the state minister for municipality affairs for appropriate action.

He added these members have returned the cars issued to them one year ago to obtain cash allowance as per the endorsement of the Finance Ministry. With regard to the offices and secretarial teams of the resigned council members, Al-Saqaabi disclosed they will be handed over once the resignation takes effect.

Source: Arab Times

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