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Easiest trends for women
January 8, 2017, 2:53 pm

The thing about most fashion trends is that while they are fun to follow, they can be a little difficult to pull off in reality. As a real woman, you only support those trends that you can wear in the real world. To help you out, these are all ultra-current, easy-to-wear trends that will instantly elevate your look. Read on to learn how you can wear these trends that real women can totally pull off.

Bucket bags: The accessory has become the must-have basic among fashion girls everywhere. Equal parts form and function, the bucket bag is an absolute essential for woman on the go. There are a variety of trendy bucket bags to choose from in different textures and designs that fit any type of style. How about switching out your black staple bag for a white option with fringes to highlight your interest in bohemian style.  Alternatively, there are leather bags with quirky embellishments that allow you to make a statement or go all out with a bucket bag in bright prints and colors. To remain current, choose a bag in an eye-catching shade that is versatile enough to go with every outfit in your wardrobe.

White sneakers: The comfortable footwear trend is still going strong and shows no signs of stopping, and it is also incredibly easy to style: The shoes look cute with dresses, jumpsuits, athleisure gear, and just about everything else. If your style is more minimal, you can pair white sneakers with a simple blouse and pants to keep things really casual.

Camel coats: You are probably sick of black coats everywhere, which is why you could warm up to a richer shade—camel—to take your winter outerwear to the next level. Up your style game with a camel coat —the caramel hue is intrinsically elegant, conveying sophistication that black just doesn't impart quite as easily. It is also a shade that commands attention without being too in-your-face, unlike coats in canary yellow or fire engine-red. Finally, it is completely wearable, since it does fall in the neutral family. A chic camel coat is all you really need to add a touch of trendy to an otherwise fairly basic outfit.

Skinny scarves: The skinny scarf is another trend that is really easy to just throw on and go—and which instantly dresses up your look. A classic all-black skinny scarf will make you appear as though you put a lot of effort into looking classy—even if you probably didn't. 

Culottes:  They offer women the versatility of pants, while maintaining a skirt-like and thus lady-like appearance. For those with an interest in both pants and skirts, who don’t want to make a choice between the two, this is one interesting trend to don the first chance you get. Flirting the line between masculine and feminine, Culottes are the ultimate compromise for the girl that loves experimenting with modern, androgynous looks. You can flaunt one with a simple tee, a longline blazer and chunky heeled ankle boots for a nine-to-five getup that feels runway ready.


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