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‘Disarray’ draws motorists ire gone to take seized cars
November 23, 2017, 8:21 am

Chaos and resentment prevailed when some people went to collect their vehicles which were impounded by the authorities from motorists who were caught not wearing the seat belts or speaking on the phone while driving.

After the exception of some cases, since last Thursday, the places where impounded vehicles are kept saw hundreds of people who had gone to pick their vehicles and most of them left the place angrily because they did not get a satisfactory answer to their queries or failed to find their cars.

This situation confirms that the decision was taken without a thorough study or organization. The motorists were asked to look for their cars from among the hundreds of cars parked on an open ground. When someone failed to find his/her car, they were told to look for the car elsewhere in another governorate. When someone found the vehicle, getting it released was not easy.

One had to spend between four and five hours to complete the procedures. Add to this the long time spent to make copies of licences, registration books and civil IDs which almost took an entire day and even after completion of the procedures some of them had to return back empty handed to begin another exercise the next day and at the end of all this to be told the vehicle has not yet been registered in the system.

Source: Arab Times

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