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Corporatocracy will rule Indian election: MLA
February 15, 2014, 9:06 am
Visiting MLA VS Sunil Kumar suspects US-Modi relation and other 'symptoms'

The Communist Party of India (CPI) MLA of Kerala's Kaypamangalam constituency VS Sunil Kumar predicts the Congress party will have to support third front after the forthcoming Indian lok sabha election. "Earlier the left parties supported Congress against BJP. The reverse will happen this time", said the MLA who is in Kuwait
for a 3-day visit to take part in Kerala Association anniversary.Corporate companies and their policies will have a direct say in the election scheduled in May this year, he said.

Clash of ideologies
America's war against religious terrorism, particularly its stand against Narendra Modi in the past decade has been proved as hypocrisy after it broke its Modi taboo, said the MLA. Everyone knows Modi's ideology.   Considering the US love and support for secularism, one can only be suspicious about its welcoming of a leader who is the face of Fascism in India, the MLA said. The MLA was also critical of the new Aam Admi Party (AAP). "It lacks ideology. For any party ideology is important. India has an ideology. Its ideology is loka samasta sukhino bhavantu (May the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that
happiness and to that freedom for all). AAP victory in Delhi is a safety valve phenomenon. People's pent up feelings against policies like globalization have resulted in the temporary victory of AAP. For AAP to sustain and stabilize in the Indian political scenario it will have to form an ideology which they have not made clear so far, the MLA said.

The Communist party MLA confessed ideology alone cannot save a political party. The left parties have self-questioned where they've gone wrong practically and why we cannot reach the common folks. The Communist party has admitted that it has failed in applying its ideology in the socio-cultural context of India. A structural
reconstruction may be needed in the left parties. Our Marxist scholars - Harindranath Chattopadhyay, Sunil Mukhopadhyay et al - have studied Indian philosophy in depth in order to learn the possibilities of applying Marxism in the Indian context. But practically we have not achieved our goal.The Bharatheeya Janatha Party (BJP) has diverted Indian philosophy as Hindu philosophy. Upanishads and darsanas are not Hindu philosophy. Gandhi and Nehru studied and wrote about Indian philosophy. Since Rajiv Gandhi that chain is broken and wrong decisions have resulted in chaos as we know, the MLA who is a philosophy graduate said.

Media bias
On the other hand, the MLA said, the leftist parties have been facing media disregard.  The Posco strike in Odisha against privatization led by CPI leaders, for example, is not getting enough media attention.Trade unions - 12 crore workers - have raised voice against the government's economic policies, privatization, communalism and corruption. About 10 lakh people marched to the parliament in protest.But this does not come in the media. Instead the media celebrates
Kejriwals or Hassares even if there are a few thousand followers.

Corporate interests in May, 2014
Corporate companies have upper hand in India. They dominate our agricultural products, natural resources including minerals. They even rule our service sector. Earlier the corporates were trying to reach their hands to areas that were fundamental at the government level. Now they have these basics in their hands and the 2014 election will see the desperate attempts of the corporates to cling on to what they have controlled.Congress or BJP may not be the only option in some states like AP, Bihar, UP, Chattisgarh and Odisha. The rise and strengthening of third front in many states will be another interesting spectacle in May,
2014, the MLA said.

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