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Chic outfit ideas
October 22, 2018, 12:07 pm

It is not always easy to refresh your personal style, but with a few new ideas you can step out in a chic ensemble. Think of these as fixes — not overhauls, but additions — the little tweaks you can make to your basics to get the most out of your wardrobe, whether you're heading to a fancy dinner party or wherever.

Match your prints, mix your colors: Mastering a mixed print outfit is great, but the easiest hack to avoid a look that's too busy is to pair shapes of different shades — especially if you're wearing a particularly vibrant color.

Great add-ons do all the work:  Don't underestimate the ability of your favorite accessories to give basics a boost. Start simply with a striped tee, denim jacket, and jeans. Add in a bold cross body bag, heels, and your favorite earrings — et voila! — your outfit goes from every day to infinitely more attention-grabbing.

Little layers go a long way: Sleeveless summer dresses are easy to revitalize with the right layering strategy. Start with a white tee, throw on your dress, and add a sweater tied right around the shoulders. Instead of sandals, opt for ballet flats or sneakers. You can even try jumpers with flutter sleeves, bows, or ribbons, which can immediately revive most of the pieces in your closet.

Make a statement with white boots:  Looking for a pair of boots that will stand out from a sea of black ankle boots? Then look no further than a pair of white ones. You can get the most out of your ruffled mini dress by styling it with a stark white pair of ankle boots.

Swap your top: When your outfits revolve around your jeans, make an easy update by swapping the traditional t-shirt or button-down for something that's more trend-driven. An easy option? A feminine puff-sleeve top that makes a statement with minimal effort. Then, pair with all of your favorite pieces, per usual. You can even swap your fresh florals for school-inspired plaid prints. In classic shades, or this season's brighter yellow versions, the effect is prep-school-meets-fashion-girl.

Suede kitten heels for a touch of elegance:  All women know the importance of a simple pair of kitten heels. They're elegant, provide the right amount of height, and comfortable to wear for hours on end.

Invest in a one-and-done dress: Always keep a sophisticated, one-and-done, impeccably tailored dress that lasts you years in your closet. Splurging on such a dress will help you as it's versatile enough to wear for so many occasions and is easy enough to style.

Embrace bold color: Minimalists, consider this your official call to take a walk on the colorful side. Ease into your new style status quo by sticking to a single shade and adding drama with texture and daring silhouettes.


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