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Charming choker necklaces
October 7, 2015, 11:56 am

The choker necklace was oh-so hot in the 90’s, and many updated variations have sprung back onto the scene with the trendy fashion crowd. The various designs and shapes can fit any style preference, whether you decide on an evening appropriate piece or choose one for a casual day; they add an extra interest to your attire. Here are some tips to wear the choker necklace.

Casual and wonderful: Today’s chokers are more structured, big and bold, so find a funky necklace with large neck real estate to pull off a chic look for the day time. All you require is to match your choice with an awesome button down shirt in a plaid or a bold colored print and jeans.

If your outfit is composed of very basic clothes, you might want a thick metallic choker that will draw attention towards your face while giving off a stylish edge to your ordinary attire.

Thin gold or silver chokers are also wonderful to play up your day look: a silk button down shirt and a pretty skirt, or even a parka and t-shirt.

Flaunting a style statement:  Don elegant chokers with details such pearls, jewel stones and ribbons to accessorize your feminine attire for some delicate flair. Faux pearl chokers or ones adorned with rich baubles will subtly elevate your ladylike outfit. A chocker in a sleek cut can also do wonders for dresses with asymmetrical lines, bold prints and modish trends.

The key trends of the season (bright colors, clashing patterns and python prints, for instance) take a certain amount of sartorial confidence to pull off because they are unabashedly bold – and the key jewelry, statement choker necklaces, placed front and center, echo the daring wardrobe declarations.

Some choker necklaces combine short clavicle-covering bands with drapey, bib-style chain link fringes which will further help draw the eye down and elongate your torso. These kinds of jewelry pieces can also lend themselves to a bohemian ‘70s vibe just as easily.  You can also consider a bohemian cuff necklace, a scene stealer for when you play around with tunic t-shirts, geometric, eye-catching prints, vests and flared jeans.  

Vintage collar style chokers work even better as the ideal accessory for a floppy hat, stylish poncho or even a flouncy maxi dress.

Weather demands: For an instant upgrade for fall, stunning metal or beautiful flowery chokers layered on top of sweaters or knit wear do the trick. However, stay away from the leather or rubber chokers that tend to cheapen down the look.

Fancy party wear: Highlight the sophistication of your fashionable dress in a choker. V-neck tops or dresses instantly put chokers on display, while high necklines can create an unobstructed view and slightly scooped ones can have a framing effect that also looks chic.

Consider yourself a minimalist? Get yourself a pretty gold choker as the only compliment for a stark winter-white suit. When it comes to accessorization, classic cocktail chocker designs outshine every other piece of jewel. Adapt to simple elegance by rocking a sophisticated choker necklace in a cocktail dress, a peplum silhouette or even a classic LBD. 

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