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Causes and effects of DNS
February 2, 2014, 11:01 am

If you constantly suffer from sinusitis and experience a blocked nose or burning within your nose, it might not be your immune system that is to blame. There are a number of other conditions that might be causing these symptoms, the most common being Deviated Nasal Septum (DNS).

In DNS, the nasal septum — the generally straight partition that divides the nasal cavity into right and left halves — is deviated. DNS can be classified into different types based on the shape and severity of the deviation.

The deviation to the nasal septum could be caused by injury to the nose, sustained during child-birth or later in life by an injury to the nose due to a fall, during a fight or by other accidents. Since the nasal septum is made of cartilage and bones, slight deformities can become worse over time.

People suffering from DNS could suffer from symptoms such as nose blockages and headaches. Nose blockage could affect breathing on the side to which the septum is deviated or, in the case of an ‘S’ shaped deviation, on both sides. In cases of severe deviation, headaches could occur on the side of DNS, especially if the septum touches the side wall of the nose and exerts pressure on structures that come in contact with it. Crusting or bleeding from the side of DNS could also occur due to attempts at clearing the nose block.

If deviation in the septum is extremely sharp and bent in one direction it is called a ‘spur’ and if it impinges on surrounding structures or on the side wall of the nose, it could lead to injury and severe bleeding.

One of the leading causes of sinusitis is severe DNS.  It can obstruct the drainage of sinuses leading to retention and infection of secretions in the sinuses causing sinusitis.
DNS can also lead snoring and sleep apnea and external nasal deformity, as well as a lack of stamina and exercise tolerance, since one can only breathe in lesser air than normal.

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