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CBSE results released
May 29, 2014, 6:12 pm

The students of Indian Educational School (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan), Kuwait  have received their Class 10 and 12 results and have done their school proud by once again registering a 100% success. In the Class X, 99 students registered and all of them have qualified for the next level. The following students have a 10/10 CGPA

8107066 Naveen Johnson Vallavanatt
8107120 Jenish Patel              
8107122 Mitoshi Nandi             
8107129 Sam Ebey Samuel           
8107132 Susan Ann Roy             
8107064 Krupa Sara John           
8107107 Abitha George Thomas      
8107126 Rajkrishnan Panakkaparambil
8107078 Akshaya K S               
8107084 Duvvuri Rohini Pratyusha  
8107090 Keerthiga Nagarajan       
8107099 Shah Bhavya Rakeshkumar   
8107101 Shradheya Thakre          
8107080 Anjana Jayaram            
8107093 Nadia Nayaf               
8107104 Vanshika Gandotra         
8107105 Yogesh Balaje Mahendran   
8107085 Emil Joshy                
8107098 Rohan Abraham Athyal      
8107137 Puvvada Prasanna Sai      
8107140 Sharath Ganesh            
8107138 Ratnakaram Sravanti       

In the Class 12 CBSE exam ( results announced on 29 May), 69 students registered for the exam, 41 in Science and 18 in commerce.  The results were fantastic with all students passing with no compartment.

The toppers in Science are:
1. Noel Johnson with 96.2%
2. Govind Shajan with 94. 6%
3. Revanth ( former head boy) with 92.8%

In the Commerce stream the toppers are:
1. Sara Abdul Jabbar with 87.8%
2. Ann Shaji with 85.6%
3. Mitali Ramkumar with 84.2%

Noel topped Kuwait in Computer Science with 99% marks and Asma Ishaq Parkar topped Informatics Practices with 99% in Kuwait.
The school would like to thank all the children, their parents and the teachers for this wonderful results.

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