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Bon Voyage: IES, Kuwait to Republic Day Parade at Delhi
January 22, 2014, 3:52 pm

To help our children delve deep into the annals of India’s political heritage and its cultural diversity, a crew of 8 students of Indian Educational School, Kuwait is sent to enjoy the rare opportunity of being a part of the 65th Republic Day Parade to be held in Delhi, the capital city of India.  The team led by Mr Murugaiyan, the Physical Education Director and his colleague Ms Deepa Antony comprise Aibel Thomas, Arjun Sadanand, Keerthini Rajkumar, Sarah Koshi, and Shawn Abraham of class 11, and D R Prathyusha, Akshaya Srinivasan and Anirudha Ramesh of class 10.  Members of the crew were chosen on an unbiased criterion of scholastic brilliance and non-scholastic excellence.

Apolitical attitude, lack of socialization, dearth of social conscience etc. have become the benchmark of the new generation.  Indian Educational School has gone an extra mile against this trend when they managed to procure permission from the Ministry of  Defence, Government of India to arrange for this unique journey back to their home country, especially when she is in a festive mood of the Republic Day Celebrations. Proud are the moments when our country proclaims to the world of all its cultural magnanimity and developmental magnitude. Of late, we have even reiterated before the international community our cryogenic technology. 

Children in the gulf are not aware of the Republic Day parade and its significance. Though it is telecast on the national channels, seldom do the kids of this generation watch the majestic marching contingents of the three armed forces. The air show, the tableau from the various states, the missiles and rockets, the colourful dances etc. are a treat to watch live with dignitaries from all over the world. We consider this special occasion as something our kids would cherish for a very long time to come.  Such trips will enhance the patriotic feelings, and the feeling of being a proud Indian gets instilled in the young minds. 

In his briefing, principal, Mr. Premkumar wanted his students to get inspired by the amplitude of this pageant; especially by the disciplined and adventurous ways the proceedings and processions are going to be carried out.   


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