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BirthKuwait hosts Parent Seminar with international experts from Children’s National
March 22, 2016, 5:30 pm

In a community initiative aimed at enriching knowledge and understanding of key topics related to child health, parents were invited to an educational seminar presented by experts from Children’s National Medical Center, the leading international pediatrics health system based in Washington DC, in partnership with BirthKuwait, the local non-profit community health network. Entitled “Child Health 101”, the seminar took place at the Movenpick Al-Bidaa’ Hotel in Salmiya on Sunday, 20 March, 2016.

The free public seminar presented parents with fundamental information to help educate and empower them when it comes to matters of their child’s medical well-being. Over the course of two hours, the three physicians from Children’s National engaged the audience in a dynamic discussion about some of the most important health issues they might encounter as parents, providing them with the essential tools and practical knowledge they need to keep their children healthy.

The evening kicked off with a discussion about childhood behavioral & developmental issues with neurologist Marc Difazio, MD. This was then followed up with a talk on current issues in the field of genetics and common metabolic concerns parents face, presented by genetics and metabolism expert, Marshall Summar, MD. The evening wrapped up with gastroenterologist Anil Darbari, MD, who gave a talk on the best approach to common gastrointestinal issues in children.

Commenting on the seminar, Gerard Martin, MD, Medical Director of Global Health at Children’s National who headed the visiting team of physicians said: “Children’s National has always been a passionate advocate for children, and we are dedicated to helping kids get the best pediatric care possible, not just when receiving treatment in the hospital but across all areas of their lives. We fully understand that parents play a major role in their children’s health and wellness, which is why educating, supporting and empowering caregivers about child health is crucial.”

He further added: “Children’s National is constantly looking for ways to collaborate with local health-focused organizations and groups. This collaboration with BirthKuwait has been a great opportunity; enabling us to reach out to the Kuwaiti community and allowing our physicians to share their medical knowledge and expertise with parents to provide better care for kids.”

Co-founder of BirthKuwait, Heba Al-Ali, said: “As an organization, one of our main goals is to support mothers and caregivers, providing them with the resources, information and tools they need to ensure the health and well-being of their children and their families. Education and learning is one of the main pillars of our philosophy, and we were delighted to have this opportunity to host experts from Children’s National, to help enlighten parents in our community about key childhood health issues they need to be aware of.”

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