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Bid to smuggle heroin in gloves foiled
July 23, 2017, 8:27 am

Officers of Air Cargo Customs at Kuwait International Airport foiled an attempt to smuggle one and a quarter kilograms of heroin which was hidden inside a cargo of gloves that arrived from an Asian country, reports local daily.

The contraband has been referred to the concerned authorities. The person to whom the cargo was addressed has been detained for investigations.

Director General of General Customs Department Consultant Jamal Al-Jalawi expressed gratitude to the tremendous efforts exerted by the customs officers in this regard.

He indicated about the launch of some new projects which will help in improving the work performance of the customs officers.

Al-Jalawi affirmed that the General Customs Department will inform concerned authorities in GCC countries to be aware of the method used by smugglers, indicating that such a method for smuggling drugs is being used for the first time in Kuwait.

He revealed that it is evident from the way the drugs were placed inside the gloves that it was done in a factory and not manually.

Al-Jalawi said he will work on taking necessary action to increase the value of the rewards and incentives granted to Customs officers as soon as possible.

Source: Arab Times

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