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Beauty essentials to lock your makeup look
January 14, 2018, 2:55 pm

If there's one night most woman want is for their makeup to stay put, especially when you have a party to get to. Here are some top tips on creating long-lasting beauty looks.

Moist definitely: The longevity of your makeup look can be determined before you station yourself at your vanity. On a day that you're going to be going out all night, put your moisturizer on a half hour before you put your makeup on, so that it sinks completely into the skin and you're hydrated but you're not moist. A good rule of thumb: Moisturize, and then watch an episode of whatever show you're currently bingeing.

Prime time: Once your moisturizer has completely absorbed, add primer to create a smooth canvas, which will ultimately help lock your makeup look into place.

A firm foundation:  A killer complexion is a must and nothing will give you that effortlessly airbrushed look like a good foundation.  Your best option is a cream formula foundation that is going to stay on longer.  Also, the way that you put it on is really important, go for a brush rather than your fingers. It really fuses the product with your skin, making for a more natural and long-lasting finish.

Set the look with translucent powder:  It goes on clear, meaning you get all the benefits of a traditional powder without actually looking like you're wearing one. Apply it over you face, being sure to focus on particularly oily areas, like your T-zone.

Eyes on the prize: Layer your eye products to really seal them in. Start by prepping your lids with a primer, before adding your color. If you are doing a smoky eye, start with either a primer or a cream eye shadow, then go on top of that with a pigment, and press the pigment into that cream. Then, dust a little bit of eye shadow over that, and add another sort of creamy, sparkly product. Press everything into the eye and then sort of set it with a different texture will keep your eye makeup in one place.

Look for waterproof shadows, liners and mascaras, which have been formulated to stand up to sweat.

Lock lips: Before you even think about adding any color to your pout, make sure your lips are completely exfoliated. Once your pucker is baby-smooth, you're ready to layer on lip color. Start with a lip stain, and swipe across a little translucent powder to really lock it in. Then, fill in lips with liner.

Go over your lined lips with a matte lipstick or a matte lip gloss, both of which tend to stay in place because they are not as oily as other lip products.

On-the-go glam: Finish your look with a few spritzes of a makeup setting spray, which is fantastic for keeping your makeup on for hours. You'll also want to stash a few face-saving products in your clutch before you dash out the door.


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