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Auto-disconnection of landlines from July 23
July 11, 2017, 8:43 am

State Ministry for Services Affairs announced that it will auto-disconnect the landlines of defaulting subscribers who fail to pay their dues, starting from July 23, reports Al-Seyassah / Arab Times daily.

It affirmed that the first warning notices were sent to defaulting subscribers on Sunday, and the second ones will follow next Sunday. The ministry highlighted that the telephone lines of those who failed to pay the outstanding dues will be disconnected from service after the second warning.

It explained the ceiling on the basis of which the automation system will enlist the concerned telephone numbers to the list for programmed disconnection – KD 50 for house landlines and KD 100 for commercial landlines.

The telephone lines which have been previously agreed to have outstanding amounts paid on monthly installments will be automatically disconnected in the event of late payment of the monthly installment.

The telephone services of those who delay in paying their annual subscription fees by six months or more will be also disconnected. The ministry praised the cooperation of subscribers in the past months and urged them to comply in paying their dues for continuation of their telephone services.

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