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Astounding emerald style
May 15, 2017, 5:40 pm

Emerald is considered one of the hardest colors to wear, but the color can enter your wardrobe to make dressing up a lot more exciting. If you find it difficult to pair emerald with your style sensibilities, don’t worry.  There are many ways emerald can make you look fabulous without overdoing it. All it takes is a bit of thoughtful styling to give the color a total edge. Here are some tips that put the rich color front row center.

Keep it simple:  Opt for a single piece rather than confusing yourself with separates. A short dress or playsuit is the perfect option, which only leaves shoes and accessories left to coordinate. Your best bet is to team the super-vibrant color with whites and neutrals for a fresh, spring look.

Frills and ruffle details? Hard pass. Donning an emerald dress might feel bold, but a slip silhouette will keep your look well within your style comfort zone. Combat boots and a geometric choker take the getup down a goddess route, while an embellished button-down provides just the right amount of polish.

Layer with whites: The perfect way to tone the color down is by opting for mesh or sheer layers. Your go-to sheer white blouse would look great with a lace emerald camisole underneath.

Add a print:  If you are looking to take the attention away from the emerald piece, outshine it with an eye-catching print. This way the pattern is the statement piece and the bright shade complements it, rather than the other way around. For example, a pinafore or cardigan in this shade is just what you need in your life to match with your lively prints.

Go the athleisure route:  The easiest way to play around with emerald is to pair it with modern athleisure essentials. Play it casually cool by tossing on a slinky satin skirt with a snuggly asymmetric sweater and high-shine sneakers with a subtle platform sole. Go ultra sleek in the extras department with an artsy cuff and a minimalist cross-body bag.

Be casual with your choices: You don’t have to part ways with your pared-down sensibilities to pull off a little green. A laid-back sweatshirt and denim midi skirt will feel right up your alley while pushing your typical tee-and-jeans routine into street style territory. Swap out sneakers for wear-anywhere ankle boots with trendy appeal, then seal the sartorial deal with asymmetric earrings that easily elevate even the most blasé basics.

Toughen it up: Emerald is easily one of the richest shades out there. Rather than opting for feminine dresses or skirts, go for more masculine pieces like culottes, pants and button-up blouses, or boxy crops and jackets. You can introduce some cool edge into any outfit with flattering outwear like an emerald quilted jacket.

Be subtle: If the trend is more courageous than you are used to, choose pieces which subtly include the color such as accessories like handbags or necklaces.


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