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Amazing jewel tones
April 5, 2017, 5:19 pm

If you’re living in black and white clothing, this trend’s fresh palette is rich jewel tones and they are making this season’s pieces all the more enticing. They look amazing piled on in complementary, contrasting, and shades of the same hue. Color stories rife with color blocking, textural, and tonal play give these looks a leg up on style — and to make it easier to help you give your own looks a lift, here are some tips on how to work the jewel trend.

Incorporate the jewel toned hues on your accessories: If the depth and intensity of jewel tones scare you, try wearing bright colors as accents for your next outing. The three primary colors work really well together if you are just starting out– just make sure it complements your entire ensemble.

Some of the luxurious jewel tones include ruby red, emerald green, amethyst purple, sapphire blue, topaz yellow and so on. If your wardrobe consists of neutrals and classic prints, think of adding some pop of color with your accessories like a necklace, bags and such. For example, you can think of wearing an emerald bib necklace that will add some flair to your classic white blazer and leopard print pants.

Bring on the jewel colors for your outfits:  Classic silhouettes will help keep the jewel color grounded in sophisticated — rather than shocking — territory. You could probably start with tailored trousers in a rich hue teamed with a sleek black turtleneck that is just as cozy. Alternatively, you can take a luxe turn with a satin robe or a traditional blazer draped over your outfit.

Mix jewel tones with neutral or even bright hues for a modern statement:  depending on your personality, you can tone down your jewel tones with neutral shades or intensify them with bold colors.

Make your look spring-inspired with playful prints in jewel tone hues:  Spring is the perfect time to show off your fun prints, especially in jewel tone hues that can make you look equal parts stylish and polished. You can try various ready outfits and create unique looks like Modern Bohemian. It is also quite fun to pair dressy items with more casual pieces to create an outfit that is perfectly balanced and stylish.

Try this example; it is a simple, yet sophisticated way to rock this jewel trend color combo. Just pair a gorgeous fuchsia print sundress with a pair of comfy teal-colored flat sandals. Add teardrop-shaped earrings, which tie together both colors. For the finishing touch, accessorize with a boho-chic fringed handbag. This look would be perfect for attending an outdoor event on a hot summer day.

Color-blocking is another wonderful way to pair bright colors with something that is patterned and is embellished with interesting detail, as this adds texture to the eye-popping color and trendy style.  

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