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‘Al-Durra’ seeking to cut recruitment costs of Filipino domestics by 50 percent
June 21, 2017, 10:23 am

Al-Durra Company for Recruitment of Domestic Labor has completed the necessary studies and procedures to launch operations. According to informed sources, the company is working on reducing the costs for recruitment of domestic workers from the Philippines by about 50 percent, as it currently costs about KD 1,200.

The company studied the relevant processes and decided to first select the Philippines for recruitment of domestic labor because the process is relatively easier.

However, the company intends to later work on recruiting domestic labor from several other countries including Sri Lanka, Nepal, and possibly India, if the negotiations with the Indian authorities succeed.

They affirmed that the company will initially focus on recruitment from East-Asian countries, followed by some African countries later, indicating that representatives of the company are present in these countries.

The sources said recruitment of female domestic workers will be the priority of the company in the beginning to take up housemaid jobs, followed by recruitment of male domestic workers to meet the needs for cooks, drivers and other such positions.

They said six spaces within cooperative societies have been allocated to the company, in coordination with the Consumer Cooperative-Societies Union, so that there is one office of the company in each governorate.

Source: Al-Seyassah

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