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Air India’s New Aircraft A 320 inducted to Kuwait
March 17, 2015, 8:33 pm

In yet another milestone achieved by  Air India Kuwait, a brand new aircraft A320 has been deployed on the Kuwait sector with effect from 16 March 2015.

All passengers boarding the flight from Kuwait were pleasantly surprised on entering a brand new aircraft.  Each passenger was welcomed with sweets and greeted by the ground staff of  Air India.

From now on, passengers flying to and from Kuwait will enjoy the comfort of  traveling on a brand new flight fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Air India took the delivery of new A320 from Airbus Manufacturing facility at Hamburg, Germany on 4 February 2015. After mandatory checks and familiarization run on domestic sector, the aircraft was finally deployed to Kuwait.

Country Manager, Air India, Ajay Sinha said that the 180 seater all-economy-class aircraft is fitted with latest light weight seats, and has Wing Sharklets which will further save on fuel.

These aircraft are also fitted with latest Wireless Quick Access Recorder which enables automated wireless transfer of recorded flight data from the aircraft through GSM network directly to Airlines Flight Safety and Engineering department for Flight Data Analysis.

Air India urges customers to fly with the Airline to enjoy the comfort of the new aircraft and wishes you a Happy Journey.



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