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23 cases of fake disability documents relayed to public prosecution
January 2, 2019, 5:13 pm

Twenty-three cases of fake disability documents were relayed to the public prosecution, said Minister of State for Social Affairs Saad Al-Kharraz Wednesday.

In a press release, the minister indicated that a number of employees at the Public Authority of the Disabled were referred to the public prosecution for their involvement in forgery of disability documents for individuals so that they would benefit from privileges given to this sector of society.

Discrepancies were found during the process of digitizing and archiving documents, resulting in the outing of the perpetrators and the discovery of the violations, said the minister.

Minister Al-Kharraz affirmed that the authority will work with other state entities on making sure that public wealth would be protected and that finances given unlawful to the perpetrators would return to their rightful owners. 

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