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'The Traveling Lens' Photo exhibition by Shreekant Somany begins today
November 17, 2013, 12:09 pm

"Photograph is an expression. I see photographs as an expression of the mind. If I am taking a photograph it has to tell a story, it should express the feeling as I see it through the lenses", said Mr Shreekant Somany.


The exhibition titled "The Traveling Lens" will be held at Al-Edwani Hall, Dahiyat Abdullah Al-Salem from Sunday 17th November, 2013 till Thursday 21st November, 2013. The exhibition is organized by the Embassy of India, Kuwait in association with National Council of Arts, Culture & Letters.

An industrialist from Delhi, Shreekant Somany enjoyed nature, outdoor activities like gardening and photography from the early ages. Mountains, people living in the mountains etc makes a beautiful photographic subject for Mr Somany. Monuments speak a lot in his photos. People profile also tells the mood through his lenses. "When you see a person, you see some expression in his face. If you capture the face and the viewer can feel that expression on the photo, then you done your part as a photographer", he said.

Thirty of his selected photos will be exhibited here in Kuwait. “The Traveling Lens” is a photographic journey in five sections depicting, conceptualized art expression, nature and landscape, monuments, portraiture and photo oil painting. Some of the photographs are converted into art. Some of them are converted to oil paints using latest post processing technologies.

Photograph is not just capturing of data, It’s an art, says Shreekant. Greater aspects of today’s photography are art photography. Using the latest technology tools, a beautiful photograph can be converted into an art, an oil paint or even an abstract, he says. Even though technology plays its part in post processing of photos, the base photo is the creation of the photographer through his lens, he clarifies. Some scenes are one in a million, which cannot be captured again, he said. Technology today plays a huge role. Creations were done in yesteryears also in celluloid, but today the possibilities are endless.

“I used various cameras throughout my life. Now I am using a Canon 6D. For a young photographer, the type of camera doesn’t really mater. Even a 5 Mega Pixel camera can make a good picture”, he says.

Time is not a constraint for Mr Somany, who is leading a huge industry back home in India. He is the Executive Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Somany Ceramics Ltd, an India-based ceramic tile manufacturer. Photography does help me in my designs in my business. Designs of some of my tiles are inspired by my art photos, he said. "If this exhibition helps to promote the Indian tourism in anyway, I am blessed", concludes Mr somany.

The exhibition "The Traveling Lens" will be inaugurated on 17th at 6:00 pm and from 18th, the exhibition will be open to public from morning 9 to 12:30 and afternoon 5 to 9 pm till 21st November 2013 at Al-Edwani Hall, Dahiyat Abdullah Al-Salem.

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