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'Stop labelling children; be the role models': T P Srinivasan urged the parent community
March 24, 2014, 10:24 am

Bhavan's Institute of Educational Research and Training (BIERAT) the one and only CBSE empanelled training institute in the Middle East organized their second capacity building programme in the Indian Educational School, Kuwait. Dr. Joseph I Injodey PhD, the principal of Rajagiri College, Kochin, Dr. J Alexander IAS, and Mr T P Srinivasan IFS, the Vice-Chairman and Executive Head of the Kerala State Higher Education Council were the resource persons.

Nuances of parenting, one of the most complicated and the most demanding duties every father and mother is supposed to discharge, were discussed, discoursed and deliberated during the session with added enthusiasm and active involvement. T P Srinivasan, IFS, a veteran in the field of Foreign Service, expressed his expertise in parenting stating that over the years, the very concept of parenting has undergone drastic changes.

The abundant exposure to information and technology has created a generation gap not only between the young and the old but even among the children of the same parents. Hence a better understanding of the physical, intellectual and emotional needs of children is the need of the hour.

Belittling children for any reason is unpardonable, and the ideal way of mentoring them is giving them lots of confidence and encouragement that, in turn, would take care of their mental growth and development. Approaching the young minds with love, compassion and understanding can work wonders in the flourishing of children's personality. What we do as parents will certainly reflect on our children. So as parents we should set a model in all our doing.

Dr Joseph Injodey opined that though parents are mere custodians and not the masters of their kids, they have an undeniable role as one of the feet of the tripod of child upbringing. If the amputation of the umbilical cord is the first trauma a child experiences first, leaving his mom at home for his school is the second trauma he undergoes. If not approached psychologically, any doll like child can be metamorphosed into a devil.

He also exhorted the parent community to spill out all the dirt bottled in their heart, nurture simplicity, transparency and approachability, and be a handhold to children in their long walk to success. He reminded the teaching community of the charisma and magnetic power they hold with them, and request them to use this unique energy to boost a child's self- esteem and develop a symbiotic relationship to build the spiritual strength of an individual.

Embarking on the magnanimity and magnitude of Indian philosophy and culture, Mr J Alexander IAS wanted educators to devote them for the maintenance of universal brotherhood.  The quality of equanimity, the ability to remain calm and composed during the time of tension has to be enriched in this generation. Though thin in size, the presence of a string of parental control was much appreciated by the speaker.  Eternal values like tolerance, honesty, compassion etc. should be instilled in every child at a very young age itself. 

Though the one day societal seminar was basically meant to enlighten the kindergarten teachers who play a pivotal role of extended parenting, teachers in the primary and secondary schools and a few proactive parents also made use of the opportunity to revamp their concepts about parenting.

Mr. Ramachandran Menon, Chairman, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in the Middle East and Mr Alex Joseph, Director BIERAT also were present on the occasion.Mr. Premkumar, Principal Indian Educational School welcomed the guests and the audience to the session, and Mr Suresh, Teacher of English proposed the vote of thanks.​


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