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'Indians' tortured, buried alive in Saudi Arabia: Report
March 1, 2014, 9:20 am

In a shocking revelation, three men have confessed to a Saudi Arabia court of torturing and burying alive five Asian workers in 2010.

According to a report in Arab News, the three men confessed in the Qatif general court on Wednesday of torturing five Asian workers — believed to be Indians — for hours and then burying them alive.

The decomposed bodies of the five men were recovered from a farm in Safwa, a city in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, situated on the Gulf coast.

The report claimed that the local police have arrested 25 men in connection with the brutal killings.

The website quoted one of the accused, as saying: "I was driving around with a friend using drugs and alcohol when I received a call from another friend at around 10pm. My friend asked me to meet him immediately at a farm."

"We reached the farm and saw five workers with their hands tied in the seating area. When the friend with me asked why they were tied, our host said that one of them had sexually harassed his sponsor's daughter and other women," the man told the court.

"I saw that the five Indian workers were tied and unconscious, just before we went to another room to drink alcohol and smoke hashish. While we were drinking, I heard one of them screaming so I went out and slapped him in the face," Arab News quoted the man as saying.

"We tied them again with ropes and adhesive tape so that they could not move," he added while describing in detail the horrific incident four years ago.

The man said their host brought his pickup truck and the three loaded the workers onto it. They then dumped them into a 2.5-meter-deep hole," the man told the court.

According to the report, some of the victims were identified by the investigators, who found engraved gold ring and residence cards, from the decaying remains.

The decomposed bodies were found with ropes around their arms and legs and their mouths filled with cotton and covered with duct tape, it said.

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