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“Behind Closed Doors” An exhibition
January 12, 2014, 4:39 pm

When: January 13- 16                                                     Where: Dar Al-Funoon Gallery

Dar Al Funoon cordially invites you to an exhibition by Hamad Al Saab entitled “Behind Closed Doors” opening from 7-9 pm. Enter a journey that relates to many of us in the world of hidden secrets. And if you haven’t already been on this journey, then you will begin to understand that it’s not always what you see; because there is always more behind closed doors. 20 percent of the sold artwork amount will be used to purchase winter clothes and blankets to be sent to the children in Syria. In addition, the exhibition will also be an opportunity to receive donations (no money is accepted) of winter clothes and blankets for the Syrian children through the Red Crescent.

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