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‘Romantic’ Kuwait ranked among 50 nations tweeting ‘I love you’
February 14, 2015, 4:12 pm

Just how vocal is Kuwait when it comes to internet users expressing affection, not bad, but could be better in cyberspace. A ranking released by Twitter on 13 February ranked Kuwait as number 3 in the Middle East in saying “I love you” on the social networking site, with the United Arab Emirates ranked in first place.

Worldwide, Sweden, Slovenia, Israel, United Arab Emirates and Norway were in the top five, while the United States and United Kingdom were placed at the bottom of the list at the 50th and 51st place respectively.

Globally though, Kuwait fairs less well on the affectionate scale — it ranked 24th, while UAE ranked 4th. The interactive map shows countries ranked by tweets mentioning “I love you” in over 100 different languages. Countries were ranked by tweets per million population in each place.

Among Asia-Pacific countries, Philippines, Malaysia and South Korea were ranked third, fourth and fifth respectively. 

See the entire map here:

Here is the full list of the countries ranked:

  1. Sweden 
  2. Slovenia 
  3. Israel 
  4. United Arab Emirates 
  5. Norway 
  6. Turkey
  7. Netherlands 
  8. Argentina 
  9. Greece 
  10. Dominican Republic 
  11. Saudi Arabia 
  12. Hungary
  13. Spain 
  14. France 
  15. Thailand
  16. Macedonia 
  17. Mongolia 
  18. Uruguay 
  19. Ecuador 
  20. Costa Rica 
  21. Bosnia and Herzegovina 
  22. Denmark 
  23. Canada 
  24. Kuwait 
  25. Estonia 
  26. Latvia 
  27. Singapore 
  28. Germany 
  29. Philippines 
  30. Guadeloupe
  31. Saint Lucia 
  32. Martinique 
  33. Malaysia 
  34. Croatia 
  35. Brazil 
  36. Italy 
  37. Chile 
  38. Czech Republic 
  39. Ireland 
  40. Venezuela 
  41. Panama 
  42. South Korea 
  43. Paraguay 
  44. Mexico
  45. Netherlands Antilles 
  46. New Zealand 
  47. Australia 
  48. Finland 
  49. Colombia
  50. United States 
  51. United Kingdom
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