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“Samsara”– A Night of LIVE Music Under The Stars
November 9, 2013, 2:27 pm

When: November 23    Where: GUST University Amphitheatre, Mishref.

Get ready for a musical good time with the special “Samsara”, an event that gives participants a greater appreciation for music. Nawaf Gheraibah’s “Samsara”– is a night of live music under the stars, featuring a talented orchestra of musicians and vocalists.  Anyone interested should please come on time at 8pm for the amazing event to start. The musicians are talented professionals who will serenade guests with their melodious harmonies. The main singer is accompanied by tunes expertly created from players with modern and traditional instruments.  Concert is free of charge and invitations will be available for interested parties to pick up ten days prior to the concert.

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