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A number of specialized neurologists have extolled the distinguished and developed level of curing Epilepsy Kuwait has reached, which adopts modern scientific methods and technologie... >>
The private sector in Kuwait has come to play a major role in various fields of the economic scene, for the good of the entire society, within the concept of social responsibility of... >>
Foreign Minister says Iranian embassy was wrong in dealing directly with local daily The Iranian embassy in Kuwait has acted in a manner that is “contrary to diplomatic nor... >>
Statistics issued by the concerned government institutions show 460 people died from an overdose of drugs during the past seven years, with an average of 66 deaths per year, reports ... >>
Some 15 Bangladeshis, an Indian and a Kuwaiti citizen were injured when a bus toppled on Abdali Motorway. Eight of the victims who sustained severe injuries were referred to Jahr... >>
Chairman of the Negative Phenomena Committee MP Mohammad Al-Hayef declared that the committee will start discussing several files which are under the responsibility of Ministry of In... >>
Regarding the facts under investigation by the Brazilian Federal Police under the Came Fraca Operation, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply would like to offer the... >>
In mid-February several hundred Indian workers from one of Kuwait’s leading infrastructure development companies had brought their grievance of not being paid their due salarie... >>
The minister of public works announced on Saturday that a panel would be formed to examine why some roads and public places were swamped with rain water. Civil servants who were slac... >>
Due to heavy rainfall caused by the changing season, the Fahaheel Expressway near Mangaf was completely flooded with water on 24 March. Consequently, the water submerged cars and lef... >>
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