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The iconic and much-loved bi-annual Splash Fashion Show is back with the brand celebrating 25 years in fashion. The event, bigger, better and brighter than ever before, will showcase... >>
Sheer dressing has always been a huge trend, and it is very easy to wear provided you find the right pieces. To get into the trend, you can try sheer turtlenecks in all prints and co... >>
It is not always easy to refresh your personal style, but with a few new ideas you can step out in a chic ensemble. Think of these as fixes — not overhauls, but additions &mdas... >>
For summer, dresses are a wardrobe essential you can consistently count on. To tackle the summer heat, the best outfit option is an effortless dress. It's a quick fix for making ... >>
Kimonos are the perfect clothing item to wear to look pretty. Inspired by traditional Japanese robes, contemporary kimonos have been given a modern update from prints, fringe to vary... >>
With so many exciting trends tempting women, it can be hard to procure all of the latest offerings. So how do you keep up with the trends without spending too much? The key is to add... >>
Wearing whatever makes you feel good is a proven mood-booster. That being said, there are certain rules women should follow to create the most stylish outfits possible, and leggings ... >>
Pink is a colour you probably spent a good chunk of your childhood wearing but now as an adult, you may think it is far too girly and childish. However, millennial pink is currently ... >>
Trouser suits are sleek and on-trend, and offer up a smorgasbord of color options as well as a variety of leg lengths and widths. There are suits to match every style, whether you... >>
These days, tropical prints can look chic, and there are plenty of creative styling options for those willing to give the trend a shot. You can juxtapose a Hawaiian shirt with a femi... >>
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"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed."

"Envy comes from wanting something that isn't yours. But grief comes from losing something you've already had."

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