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St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India (STECI) -Kuwait Parish conducted its three-day Sunday school annual camp at Kabd from 6:30pm on Oct 25th to 12:00pm on Oct 27th. Headed by the ... >>
Every woman dreams of getting that perfect look for the special festival, dazzling with lights and surrounded by friends and family to multiply the fun. You don’t need to spend... >>
Whether you present friends and relatives with gift packs of sweets, or share an assortment of delicacies with your family, sweets are an integral part of Diwali celebrations. While ... >>
Celebration of Diwali is a joyous event, let us also make it an occasion to become more healthy and socially conscious. Here are a few simple tips to boost the festive feel and p... >>
Diwali, also called Deepavali depending on which part of India you hail from, or its Anglicized form, ‘Festival of Lights’, is a major religious festival of India, which ... >>
Diwali, or the Festival of Lights with all its religious, historical and social connotations, which began as an ancient harvest festival in India, has evolved to become one of the bi... >>
One of the most anticipated customs during Diwali is the sharing and receiving of ‘mithai’ (sweets). Although readily available in Indian sweet shops, there is an undenia... >>
Diwali is a bright and colorful festival that truly reflects the rich tradition and culture India is known for. Apart from the traditions, customs, food and décor, Indian atti... >>
Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, is one of the most celebrated festivals in the country as well as among Indians living abroad. This popular festival is celebrated vibrantly wi... >>
It is often said that India, a country that prides itself on its unity in diversity, is at its best come festival season. This stands true especially during Diwali, a festival that h... >>
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