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Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza, the recognized world leader in build-your-own artisanal pizza, formally opened its first store outside North America, at Grand Plaza - The Avenues in K... >>
Created from a vision to bring the Lebanese way of life in the form of a restaurant, Semsom’s menu is both daring and traditional. Indulge in the Lebanese love for eggplant wit... >>
 A Moroccan restaurant located at The Palms Resort in Salwa, Tagine is the brainchild of The Palm Resort’s General Manager, Rabie Al-Sukhon. Striving to create a true Moro... >>
Within its cozy interior, you will enjoy farm fresh meats, garden seasonings and spices that are flown directly from Lebanon to ensure the menu in Le Tarbouche evokes the spirit of L... >>
An entirely local concept, Jar’s creations are both visually and sensory pleasing. With their two locations’ décor lending to the food’s presentation, prepar... >>
Fresh mezzah selections of mutabal, hummus, tabbouleh, and one of the best tomato soups ever tasted are always available. Bright salad combinations of calamari and crisp vegetables, ... >>
If are tired of the coffee shops and small cafes and are looking to change it up, you must try Diva’s. Here, you will find an eclectic selection of traditional and modern dishe... >>
 This place is a haven that always boasts kitschy, vintage inspired décor. Before Chocolate Café is skilled at making you want to bring your favorite book and wile... >>
This restaurant is a dairy, gluten and grain-free Paleolithic (or Paleo) foodie concept. Their motto is ‘who wants to eat like a caveman?’ Caveboy Grubs is changing the m... >>
At this cozy establishment located in Bneid Al Qar, you can sample traditional dishes in a completely new light. Dishes like beetroot Kebbeh, Edamame-infused Hummus and Quinoa-stuffe... >>
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