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There are few things more cathartic than having your hands and feet pampered at the salon or blocking out time to carefully paint them yourself. The process forces you to put down th... >>
Between fishtails, milkmaid braids, French braids and more, there is a lot you need to learn to find the perfect braid that suits your face type. Here are some ideas. The Milkmai... >>
Along with its wicked sister winged eyeliner, eyeshadow is one of the trickiest techniques to master. Even if you follow a YouTube tutorial second for second, you can still end up lo... >>
Whether you’re a veteran who executes a killer smoky eye on the regular or a beginner who struggles with foundation application, sometimes it can feel impossible to keep up wit... >>
The thought of adding something dry to hair that’s already prone to dehydration seems like a recipe for disaster. For others, it’s a day-three or -four hair necessity. Th... >>
Maybe you are wondering why your face shape matters when it comes to blush. But as it turns out, working with your face shape can ensure a more natural-looking flush. It's just l... >>
There is no right or wrong way to do makeup as long as you achieve the look you want. However, if you've wanted to tackle a new technique or try a look that you haven't befor... >>
The Beautyblender is a hydrophilic, a fancy word that means it's designed to absorb water so there’s no room left in it to absorb your foundation, too. Moreover, it is also... >>
Women love nail art, whether it is pretty, super creative, or even downright creepy. Many are into DIY nail art and prefer to try all these cool trends at home at their leisure. Howe... >>
What isn’t there to love about a full-coverage foundation during the winter season? It’s essentially a blanket for the face that also happens to conceal random breakouts ... >>
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"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed."

"Envy comes from wanting something that isn't yours. But grief comes from losing something you've already had."

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