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The top-of-the-line beauty products in your beauty kit are not enough, unless you have the skills to utilize the products effectively in your daily makeup routine. Here are some non-... >>
Regardless of what type of lashes you are born with, there are endless mascaras, tools, and tricks out there that can give your peepers a major boost. Instead of wiggling on the same... >>
If there is one step in your makeup routine that you really don’t want to mess up, it is laying down your foundation. One wrong move and you have to wipe the slate clean and st... >>
The cut crease eyeshadow look is slowly becoming the ultimate going-out makeup for many women. Mainly cause of its highlight - a razor-sharp line where the shape on your lid ends and... >>
Splash, the home grown fast fashion retailer, has announced the launch of its Perfume & Bath and Body range titled ‘Heart of Gold’. Including three options for both m... >>
The best thing about eye makeup looks these days: All of the choices. With a dizzying array of eyeshadow formulas on the market, it can be hard to figure out what each type of eyesha... >>
Having straight, fine hair might seem super easy — after all, it is effortless to just toss it in a ponytail in a few seconds and jet out the door. But anyone with this hair ty... >>
It is one thing to be a beauty rule shaker and breaker, and it’s another to wear a timeless beauty trend well. Take, for instance, red lipstick. The rouge pout is about as... >>
There happens to be an excess of some insane-sounding beauty hacks in magazines, so it can be hard to figure out which are actually safe and effective. To help girls make the rig... >>
Trying to grow your hair can be an insanely frustrating experience. It takes a lot of work to grow your hair very long, and there are specific strategies you can use to make it possi... >>
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