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Is it really okay that you have held on to the same lipstick for years for those rare occasions you need a bright orange lip? What is wrong with keeping a blusher forever because nos... >>
You worry a lot about keeping your skin youthful, but have you ever considered how your hairstyle might be another culprit that is aging you? See: wispy bangs, limp locks, or choppin... >>
Foundation can do a really good job of flattering your skin, other times, not so much. Pigments settle into fine lines. Powders cake over blemishes. Textures clash. Shades don't ... >>
It seems that just about every makeup-loving gal has been granted VIP access to the contouring club, where elusive women have mastered the art of chiseling, putting those Renaissance... >>
 You will never be able to actually change the shape of your pores, but it's not all bad. You can do things to temporarily make them look smaller. Your pore size is genetica... >>
Line your lips for a knock out look. A precise and long-lasting lip liner provides a perfect start to your lip look and gives you the dazzle your makeup needs. Line the edges or colo... >>
Many women struggle with their beauty routine during a busy morning, and most are willing to skip their makeup regiment if it means catching just a few extra minutes of sleep.  ... >>
Move over, silver and bronze. It's officially the season of gold makeup. You can't help but add a touch of metallic sparkle - be it gilded lids or glittery polish - to your m... >>
Concealers work wonders for your face, but they can sometimes suddenly slip up and expose your most nerve-racking flaws, or instead of helping you solve a problem, make it into a big... >>
There is no struggle greater than having to set a hairstyle in the morning, but the good news is that there is a very efficient way to solve this problem, and it starts right before ... >>
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"Envy comes from wanting something that isn't yours. But grief comes from losing something you've already had."

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