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There is no struggle greater than having to set a hairstyle in the morning, but the good news is that there is a very efficient way to solve this problem, and it starts right before ... >>
For many years, red lipstick has been the tried-and-true go-to color for any formal evening occasion. Lately, however, some fashionistas have begun testing the look for the daytime a... >>
The hottest new trend in makeup is one you would probably least expect — pastel liners. Yes, Easter egg hues like mint green, pale pink, lilac, and even white are making a big ... >>
Matte makeup is applied with no shine and is usually flat with color, with a payoff that is more muted than its glossy counterparts. After you have prepped your skin for matte makeup... >>
Soaring temperatures are summer’s biggest pain, and wreak major havoc on your hair. Puffy, frizzy, out of control — it doesn’t matter what your hair type is, humidi... >>
During the summer, it’s time to not only declutter your makeup bag and vanity, but also strip down your makeup routine. There is nothing worse than dripping foundation, raccoon... >>
Lipstick is easily the most versatile and important item to have in your makeup bag, just a few coats of your favorite color will leave you looking positively radiant. However, if yo... >>
Negative space toenail designs are an easy way to elevate your pedicure this summer. The simple toe nail designs are far from over the top and look fresh peeking out from a pair of s... >>
Metallic lids are such a great look, because you get the shine and pop effect of the glossy lids that makes an impact. To avoid looking weird, simply stick to super pigmented formula... >>
Summer beauty dilemmas are a plenty to worry about in this season with the weather being hot and muggy causing your upper lip and brows to drip with sweat. Most women find it difficu... >>
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